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Uzumaki Family by angelcake12 Uzumaki Family by angelcake12
I can draw them forever _(:3」∠)_

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PixieDust217 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  New Deviant
Aww Love this :)
DiamondDragon33 Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
Perfection!! So cute and sweet--I can't stop looking at it and miling like a doofus!! :D
angelcake12 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017
Awww Thank you!!!!
DiamondDragon33 Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
Skeith-Skeith-Skeith Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Amazing job, Really love this pic, it is canon.
continue your great work, draw the forever.
DragonFOX777 Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2016
It's such a beautiful family I always knew Naruto and Hinata would always end up together.
Andruril93 Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Heh, I know what you mean.  The idea of them just grabs you once you understand, and never lets go.  And that's good.

Awesome job here.  It's very nicely drawn.  Oh, their kids are just so awesome!
chibihimawari Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2016  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
AiKawaiiChan Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2016
Hermosa :heart:
Kay1314 Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2016
 uzumaki family
FeuerKnight Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2016
"If Naruto was a good father" Amazing drawing!
DragonNinja115 Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2016
I can't understand why people said that naruto is a bad father , I mean compared to my father he is perfect (at least he is better than goku), just because he hits his son doesn't mean that he is a bad one , hinata is just too kind so it is up to naruto to do the job , seriously people are so naive these days
FeuerKnight Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2016
We say that because he has failed to do a very important thing that all ninjas in the ninja world do: Train his son.

It's not because he hits Boruto, we get that, a bit hypocritical of him since he has both Kakashi and Iruka as role models in how to teach a brat and HE did EXACTLY the same thing, and, instead, he was often in company of them while cleaning his mess.

It's that he promised that he would stop the Shinobi system completely, so there would be no more child soldiers, he is Hokage and the shinobi system is still in place. Okay, we get that too, he'll probably fail in that promise, whatever.

But he has not trained his own child soldier to be at least as good as he can be, he, Naruto, the guy who has infinite Chakra and hundreds of clones prefers to be helping an old lady (which should be the work of a genin btw, not of the Hokage) instead of training his own son, he prefers sending a clone to his other child's party instead of leaving the clone working and going there himself. Boruto does not know the story of his own father, which tells us that he has not talked to him, the brat cries when his father touches him, which tells us how little contact he has with the man.

If it was ANY other ninja I'd understand, but every other ninja has their lives, their jobs and they still can train their own kids. While the guy who has 1000 copies of himself and enough Chakra to do everything plus a bunch of ninja abilities no one has ever seen, has neither the time nor power to be with his son...

Okay, I don't buy that. If he can't be with his children it's because he does not want to do so and is failing in that.

Also, the brat wants to be noticed, Naruto ignores him; the brat has a bunch of abilities that no genin has, Naruto ignores him and blames his teacher; the brat gives up and relies on "I'm too fucking good I don't need training with my old man who never trains me" as a result of Naruto not spending a single day training him.

Also, you can't compare your parents to Naruto, unless your parents have all those copies of themselves.

Not only is Naruto a bad father, he's a bad leader. Let's consider this: his own son, someone that is from the Uzumaki clan (lots of chakra), who initially showed a lot of wish to be noticed (like Naruto, hence, if given the chance to prove himself he'd work a lot), who we know has a bit of Kurama's power, has not been trained to be a qualified ninja. Naruto kept the soldier-system up, but fails to make sure that his own descendant is at least a competent soldier.

Naruto instead relies on the "I'm too fucking strong, no one will defeat me", he's not doing anything to leave a legacy of protection (which would be the perfectly trained Boruto) in case he dies, he's not making sure that the story is not repeated by telling his story to the new generation.

He is not doing anything.

Yes, the village is growing and prospering, but for a guy with so many clones and near infinite chakra, and a guy who knows how much a brat can react to being given a purpose and attention. Well, I expected more from him and his son. Not a typical dude saying he's too busy to deal with his kid.

I expected Naruto to have learned from his own life being ignored.
Skeith-Skeith-Skeith Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
how can he train him if he is the HOKAGE and too busy.
Hinata has trained him. Have you seen Boruto's fighting style? It was gentle fist.
Also he is able to use shadow clone jutsu and rasengan.

so, dafuq you talking about?
FeuerKnight Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2017
Easy, if he can't train a kid, then don't have him.

Also... WTH, the dude has infinite clones, a level of chakra that no one else has, how can he NOT train his son? And yes, I saw that failed fighting style that did not even hit home. I also saw Boruto's birthday's photo, it being a selfie done by Hinata, I don't care if Naruto is a Hokage, he KNOWS what it is to be ignored, how can he be so low as to leave his own kid without his guidance? The boy literally cries because Naruto noticed him for three seconds and bumped him on the chest. A boy cried, because he was recognized and shown affection... That tell us how much Naruto is NOT there.

Now, we also saw Boruto saying how Naruto never trained him, hell, he said "I did no need to train to do four shadow clones" (Let's remember that shadow clone was, at least at first, a very difficult technique, and Genins could not do it, they could do the clone technique, that was not a physical thing.) and for the Rasengan (which he managed to do without using a shadow clone to aid him) was not taught to him by his father, because no, Naruto does not have time to pass the legacy of his Sensei to his son, paperwork is more important, there's no way he can leave a shadow clone, doing it to go talk to his own flesh and blood... The Rasengan was taught to Boruto by Konohamaru...

If we see the thing as a whole, it makes sense why Boruto is that much of a jerk: He wants recognition, gets none, so that becomes an "okay, I don't care, you don't notice, I give up", and we see that in how pessimistic he is, how willing he is to give up on his own life (first test of the chunin exams, he thought it was his end and just gave up), and how downright sour he is. From comments of his partners saying they did not know he could smile truly to how easily manipulated he is by anyone that promises him his father's attention, also connecting the fact that he has no expectations in becoming something else than a genin until Sasuke comes by.

Naruto is a stranger to his own son, Boruto did not know of his dad being a brat before, or having Kurama inside him, or what he had to go through to get to where he is. Naruto is just the guy who tells his kid to call him "Lord Seventh" in his office and who is not really around his two kids, telling them to "endure", when even he himself had several father figures through his life and also knows what being ignored is.

Watching Naruto as a father is like: Dude, if you were that busy, then why did you have kids at all? Did you also send a shadow clone to get Hinata pregnant or what?
Skeith-Skeith-Skeith Featured By Owner Edited Feb 23, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Well first, Naruto grew up without a father or mother, but most importantly without a FATHER.
He has no fatherly, manly experience in that field. I can speak from own experience as my dad grew up fatherless, his behavior is far different from people
who grew up in a healthy environment. Also he has an important job with a lot of responsibility.
Second, as a parent you think differently, also he has his wife Hinata to rely upon. As we have seen she is a housewife and constantly at home. She raises and educates them.
Also speaking from personal experience as my mother is a housewife.
Yes, I have felt a little lack of communication but it is nothing to go all EMO about. Boruto was behaving like a little emotional brat that he is in his what 12 years?
He just needs to man up. Attention is for girls, daughters need it like flowers need the sun.

Also your argument about if he is that busy why have kids at all. That is literally the most retarded western sjw lgbt feminazi bullshit I have ever heard.
Parents do not live and exist ONLY for their children. Having kids means having kids, its that simple. Part of life. Part of continuing the bloodline.
Having a family.
Tell me who is gonna bring the fkn bread on the table. huh? Someone has to work, oh sumimasen for you not getting a bit of attention, but sacrifices must be made.
Happy families and people can't just decide to not having kids cuz "oh well there is already a problem of overpopulation gal, and we are not gonna add to this problem~"
That's the retarded way of thinking. That's why birth rates in Germany fall, that's why they invite men from other countries to continue existence.
That's why 40% of Germans are half-Turkish people. Yea, overpopulation my ass.

Africa, India and China must get their shit straight, cuz we won't pay for their mistakes.
I'm gonna have at least 2 children, but am gonna go for as many as possible (~5) Cuz I wan't a family, and you know what? I'm gonna work day and night like my father to have these ungrateful bastards have their internet, have their iPhones 6 and goddamn Nike clothes.
Because living for yourself is the selfish western way of thinking.
But accepting responsibility and growing the f up is the true way to adulthood and parenthood.

You can't imagine how much I relate to Boruto (even though I hated the movie). Naruto and Hinata are straight up my parents. I went through that stupid teenager phase too.
And it's not like Boruto asked Naruto for training and help and Naruto straight up refused. You think Hiashi and Hizashi Hyuga trained their children non stop from childhood till they were like 17? Hell no.
Naruto gave the kid, shadow clone jutsu. Rasengan an A+ class ability was kept for later, but Boruto managed to master it in his own way.
He had gentle fist but don't expect a 12 year old to be a genius like Neji or decent fighting like Hinata towards the end of Shippuuden.
Lower your expectations.

Paperwork is more important? He is the fkn president of his village (country). Do you even understand International Politics. Did you forget about enemies like ISIS or the ones from within? Don't you think there is an equivalent of terror organizations and organized crime in the world of Naruto?
He is basically like a president in our world, but who actually works, sweats and pays in blood.
Oh his baby bubu boy did not get some attention. Lets call it attention deficit. Call the fkn psychiatrist.

Life is not perfect and it never will be. You expect Naruto to succeed as Hokage, as a husband and a father at the same time? He doesn't even go out to drink, he neglects Hinata, but she understands that as she is the first lady. Responsibility, this word must cause nausea to people like you. But Hinata accepts it and endures like she should.
Like my mother should and did.
And look at me now, everyone is happy, everyone is healthy, you rip what you sow.
You must learn sacrifice beside sacrificing animals to the blood god Khorne, dude...

People want always more, so what if a clone trains Boruto, it's not the real authentic thing, Boruto would find a way to be pissed. Kids want undivided attention like some insecure young women. (Also this part you can't really blame on Naruto as it was one of the major things that pushed the plot, and you know that the writing in Naruto at times is not the best.) Just compare Naruto and Goku. Goku is a great guy, a warrior of light and justice, protector of Earth but he is a miserable father AND husband. He left his kids and wife at times just for the sake of training or training others like Uub. Also his stupid immature decisions have cost him his life not once but multiple times. And still I haven't seen Gohan or Son Goten whine and complain like stupid teens. Well the answer is Gohan had to man up fast in the mountains where Piccolo left him.
Remember how Naruto's clone worked out in the end? he "puff" disappeared and dropped the cake on his daughters birthday. You think him "puff" disappearing like that during training would do any good for Boruto? Have some fkn consideration for your father. He is breaking his back on that "dream" job of his and you want some attention and candy?

Don't be like a kid/teenager like Boruto and blame all problems on their parents. I did, got me nowhere.
Want some attention grow the f up first till you're 18 or 21, help your parents in work and in life and you will get your communication, interaction and the attention you so much crave...
FeuerKnight Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2017

Boruto is a brat, yes, but he’s exactly like his father at that age… so why were we defending Naruto being a brat, trying to cheat (and failing for comical reasons) in the exams and feeling all sorry for him, and attacking his son for the exact same behavior? Remember when Naruto tried to cheat three different times in different Chunin exams? Peeking on Hinata’s test, trying to see the scroll, and, later on, assuming sage mode after specifically being told not to? And how was that taken? “Oh, he’s an idiot, so laughable”.

Hinata has not been shown caring, that’s what I mean. In the anime I just saw her taking a selfie and defending her precious husband even when he was also hurting her for not being there, ever. We did not see her taking Boruto to training; we did not see her teaching him. The kid is a recognized genius (word of the author and recognized by his sensei) and we did not see him using other than the gentle fist, when Hinata has a lot of other attacks.

Attention is for everyone, and saying it’s not makes me think of someone who has convinced himself of that fact “I don’t get attention, no prob, I don’t need it =D!”

Now, in universe, we saw how not giving attention to a 12 years old Naruto went: He was hyperactive, did pranks, mocked his elders and shouted in order to be noticed.

Oh, don’t tell me, the “I am important, I have the right to have kids!” argument? Dude, you might be from places where the overpopulation is not as bad, but you can go elsewhere to see just how bad that mentality fucks up society. Thousands upon thousands of kids who no one gives a damn about, growing up without their parents being there for them, following the last trend of behavior and getting in more trouble than they can get out of. I’ve seen it, most of us prefer not having kids because it’s downright selfish now.

You don’t have time? Don’t have kids, as easy as that. You have a kid? Then make time for him or her, be there, you have resting days, you have vacations, dedicate them to the kid, don’t be a deadbeat parent who only wanted to have sex and “oh well, a kid, who cares? No my problem…”

Having kids is not a right, nor something accidental, it’s a lifelong responsibility, you are a parent not until your kid is 18, and you are a parent until the day you die.

Having a kid is not easy, I know, we see why smart people have just 1 or 2, because raising them is not just ignoring them, it is so much work…

WTH, did you just use a Japanese word?... Dude, don’t be that guy…

Also, yes they can, and yes, they are. We can’t have kids just because we feel important, we’re not, our bloodline does not matter and bringing kids to a world in order to see them suffer is both fucked up and selfish. “Oh, I brought a human being into existence! He will suffer through the world slowly falling apart, but who cares? I wanted a son so I could fulfill my dream of being a parent, I will work, I can’t raise him. His mom can raise him.”

Also, yes, they Hyuga trained their kids, Hinatha and Neji were forced to spar often (and we see also that her little sister was given the same treatment) and Neji was trained by his father until the man died. So was the thing with all parents in Konoha, Shino even refused a mission because he was training with his father. The forest of the Nara was often used for training and even in the new gen we see Rock Lee training Metal Lee, Sai training his son and Shouji being asked to train his daughter.

Naruto gave nothing to the kid, Boruto said “I did not have to train to get 4 shadow clones”, the kid learned it himself…

Paperwork is not more important than his son because NARUTO HAS THOUSANDS OF CLONES TO DO THE PAPERWORK, and they all think like one, and they are in a time of peace also, when all 5 villages are in peace. He will die eventually; he needs to prepare his son to have Kurama transplanted to him, just like Kushina was before…

Let’s remember this: Naruto is ninja jesus, he has thousands of clones, he has kurama inside him and he is not inmortal, he needs to prepare the upcoming generation in order to maintain peace. He already failed his promise of stopping the ninjas. Let’s repeat HE DID NOT STOP THE SHINOBI AS HE HAD PROMISED HE WOULD, there are STILL SOLDIER CHILDREN ALL OVER, his own son is a SOLDIER CHILD.

And instead of training his Soldier child to be the best there is so said kid can become the next ninja Jesus, he’s like “Meh, oh yeah, I have a son…”

Dude, what the fuck… The old generation trained him because they knew what was coming, they wanted peace, and he’s slacking on training his OWN SON.

Even beyond being a good parent that goes to being just a bad leader he has a legacy, he decided to have a legacy, he should be making that legacy as powerful as he is…

Yes, I expect the guy with the thousand clones to do that… I really do, his father managed without all the clones, the first managed without the clones. What kind of idiot is Naruto that he can’t do so with literal copies of him all over?

“But Hinata accepts it and endures like she should.” WTH, “like she should” No, she should not endure that, she should be helping him, she should be more active, hell even Sakura was more active in raising her kid. As a mother you don’t “endure” you fucking work so your kids have the best. You don’t smile and say “oh well, life is life.” You give them the attention they lack.

Dude, my mother worked, raised me, maintained the house and still gave me attention. It is doable.

Okay, I’ll ignore that of the blood god, you are just making things up like a teen…


Again with Goku, Goku was a bad parent and originally a bad person, he wished that there should always be an enemy for him to fight and that’s why always have an enemy he must fight, and no, his kids won’t complain, his kids don’t know anything more, there are no kids around them being given all the attention, like with Boruto.

Boruto has all this pals who are trained by their parents, who are cared for, and he has a father who can make millions of copies of himself… and he gets nothing, there was not even a clone with him. Also, yes, Boruto has a work now, he's a genin, he's a ninja. So he's working and earning money too...

Skeith-Skeith-Skeith Featured By Owner Edited Feb 24, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
First about anime, then personal:

     First, Naruto was a flawed brat, even in Shippuuden he was not very likable. I understand he is the protagonist but we have seen so many protagonists that worked well and many that were hugely flawed. Just think of Luffy or Goku, flawed human characters. Even Tony Stark/Iron man is an alcoholic. We just have to accept it and not specifically like it ourselves.
Naruto was loud and annoying from episode 1 till he became Hokage. don't you agree? Sometimes we just dropped the anime for weeks cuz he was this annoying.
I am giving Boruto the same objective treatment as I did to Naruto back in the days.
Naruto is not like Sora from Kingdom Hearts or Ippo from Hajime no Ippo.

You spoke of SOLDIER CHILDREN, maybe that is a huge concern in the shinobi world as we have seen children brutally die like Obito and Rin. Neji even though he was like 17?
Don't you think it all left a mark on Naruto and the other Kage? Have you seen Boruto the movie, Shinobi are now like a tradition thing and self-defense.
Children are not sent to war, maybe Naruto is busy creating laws that people can go to war only after reaching a certain age 18 in our world, 16 in a medieval setting.
Stop the shinobi system? Dude, he changed it. The most he could do. If you want the system to be gone, then all countries must accept the same fate. But do they?
He stopped future wars by pushing the Ninja world into the 19-21st century, have you seen the skyscrapers behind Konoha? Technology is advancing, just look at Raikage's Chakra Cannon.
Socially and culturally too. Slowly the shinobi system will fade but not in one day.
The old generations trained kids from age 4-5 cuz war could break out any moment, how is that different from medieval times? Now is different, it is the modern world. Have you seen how Konoha has changed in Boruto the Movie or are you blind and blindfolded at the same time?

Also maybe he does not feel his own kids becoming shinobi? Maybe he would be perfectly content with them being, oh I don't know, strategists, doctors, politicians, businessman.
He gave Boruto the freedom of choice, Boruto has all the chances and even more than Naruto did in his childhood. He wants to train? There is a training field, he can live there day and night.

What is so hard to accept that his father is the MOST IMPORTANT person in the whole country and renown in the whole world. He is busy as hell, even busier than other Kages.
He leads peace talks and pushes for cooperation. I haven't seen the other Kage too involved in it (maybe exception Gaara)

I told you before, Naruto not using his shadow clones is a thing that moves the Plot of the movie. If you have issue with that go to the directors of the movie.
Why do you think he has unlimited endless supply of clones? You want to say he can summon 80 billion clones? don't be ridiculous.
Have you seen the clone that brought the cake? A SINGLE clone, and he didn't manage to upkeep him long enough. What does it tell us?
What if he spends all his time with Boruto and all his clones do all the hard work? What would the people and the country think? You are just too emotional and childish, you want everything to go your way.
But the world doesn't work that way. You have never studied politics like me, you have never held human lives and a lot of responsibility in your hands like my father did. You talk only from a family point of view, but don't see the bigger picture.

When Naruto falls asleep or other factors, his clones disappear. He can't be working and making 2-3 clones sleep for endless supply of energy, that's not how it works.
After all, all the clones return back to him with all the information, can you imagine the stress he must be under.

Also Naruto can't waste 90% of his chakra daily on clones, to keep everybody happy. He would be like Obito, helping every elderly cross the streets, and where did that get Obito?
He was a nice caring person but too soft to begin with. Would you help every elderly person on the street? Hell FeuerKnight, you wouldn't even lower yourself to help someone who fell in front of you (except if it is a busty lady)
I can help an elderly if I see they require help. I can give my place to an elderly in the subway train and etc. But I won't be white knighting to the rescue like Obito.

Think of self-defense, What about these guys, Momoshiki Otsotsuki, these bunny alien people like Kaguya. What would Naruto do with only 10% of his chakra remaining?

Another topic, why does Boruto have to get Kurama implanted? Have you not watched the series close enough? There is no need for that anymore as they are not ravaging beasts like Godzilla, but sentient beings who want to live in peace like they did before. There is no need for them to hide inside people, or people sealing them. They were freed, except Kurama who chose to stay with Naruto until his death.
No one would bind the nine-tails after that, Naruto promised it. You simply don't have enough knowledge about Naruto and how the shinobi world works, you teen.

You talk about Hinata? But she was never much of a fighter, she has her dream job right now of being a mother and she is completely invested in it. Naruto already gets a lot of help, he is the fkn President. Think of Shizune, Kakashi and Shikamaru. What not enough? Your arguments are invalid.
You know what sacrifice even means? It means a trade-off. Sometimes you chose the worse option cuz it is the right option. That means enduring. And parents do nothing but endure. They work so that you and me can have our classe iPhones and shit, until we hit 18 and work ourselves. Hinata is enduring her husbands very important job. You think Michelle Obama or any other wife of an important person isn't going through this? They are smart enough to understand. it was their choice marrying a career man. Hinata knew, Naruto only wanted to become Hogake since childhood. Hinata is the same as my mother and I know what they are going through. I know it better than you. You think Hinata and my mother were housewives and could not raised us, maintain the house and still give us attention?
She could and did. "It is doable." Who are you attacking here? Me? Hinata? You think she is a bad parent?
Sakura is more active? what are you retarded? They both are practically housewives, they have their own methods. And don't talk about Sakura, she is a failed existence. The author himself said so.
The Uchiha blood is strong, that's why Sarada learned fast and is stronger that Boruto at first.
Don't forget Hinata is the mother of two, and one is practically in elementary school. What you expect, your own mom to train you like Rocky Balboa and at the same time be a parent to a small child?
And again, LOWER YOUR EXPECTATIONS.  Go watch the anime Usagi Drop and you will see the hardships of parenthood, cuz there is clearly something wrong with your head. You have a twisted view on reality.

     DBZ. Goku is a bad parent, no arguing it. But bad person? The most I could agree on is that he is neither good or bad. He doesn't think of protecting the planet, but he thinks of battling the person who is threatening it. He is not a rocket scientist or Saitama/Superman hero. The only thing he knows is how to fight, and he makes full use of it to solve his problems. As you know he is not the smartest person. Vegeta, Bulma, Gohan, Piccolo and even Krillin are smarter than him.

     Second, as mentioned before your worldview is twisted and inhumane.
There is a rule in this world that many don't seem to realize: Even if something is logical or rational, doesn't mean it is right.
You don't want kids, your right. If you chose to adopt and somewhat help the world, do it. If you want to live your life for yourself, never having a family and dying alone, who am I to stop you.
See that? I am not attacking your freedom, but why are you attacking me and everyone around you, you unhappy person?
You are not the main hero protagonist of this world, of our planet, cut that shit straight. Every human has a right to live and do as he/she desires. Even the uneducated people in India and China who have like 8-12 children just cuz there is no contraception. If you hate it that much, go there and change it. Push the governments to act more, cuz it is becoming a problem of the world.
You talk about overpopulation but that is a problem that has never hit you personally. You live where? America, Europe? Oh yeah these billions of billions of immigrants are taking your jobs.
All these billions are contained in India and China, that is their national problem. Africa? Well they have famine, have you read the news? 200.000 people starved to death in Somalia.
I checked the comment section and people like you said, well one problem less in overpopulation. Shame on people like you. So many lives lost and they aren't even sorry.
Who said your life is worth more than theirs. What if we cleanse and purge you, so there are less problems with overpopulation?

You talk about bringing kids in this world is just for them to suffer? What kind of pessimistic twisted way of thinking is that? Then why did your parents bring you into life? Were you an accident? Are you a failure? That's why the birthrate in your so called "smart" countries is falling. Look at Germany, Japan and US. The ones who are spreading are the poor, while the rich think having kids is hard and are afraid. Poor people are no better, their stupidity and accidents made most of them.
You talk about parenthood but you sure you are going to get the parent of the year award yourself? You are only talking how people should behave. You captain Hindsight.
You aren't even a parent, how would you understand?
You get your information from the biased media, you watch your friends and family fail and refuse to play the game? Well if you want to sit on the bench and rot, your choice.
Life means pain, sacrifice and responsibility. If you can't accept that then you fail. Don't say shit like live is to love and be happy. No life means survival of the fittest. It means adaptation is worth more than physical strength and dexterity or intelligence.
You being all "smart" means your bloodline will end. 202.017 years of existence and now your blood dies cuz of your "vegetarian" beliefs.
You have lost yourself in the equation, even though the answers are that simple.
Telling someone don't have kids, you know how rude and inconsiderate that is? Also Naruto already has a kid, so telling him "don't have kids it's that simple", it is just you being stupid captain Hindsight again.
Naruto and Hinata are better parents that many real human parents in our world. Have you thought about that? Look at us. We have parents who are alcoholics, addicts, rapists, abusive, extremely controlling, overly religious, child abandoning. And you complain about Naruto not paying 1% more attention to Boruto? Oh yeah that ruined Boruto, he will grow up to join ISIS and do 9/11 all over again.
Have you seen that movie, you retard? What was the whole point of it? Yes Naruto had some flaws, but in the end they reconnected with Boruto and grew closer. Yes as previous Naruto was working all day long not much has really changed in that sense, but NOW Boruto grew up over the movie and understood his father more. Why do parents have to always understand their children? why can't we stupid children not at least TRY to understand our parents. I bet you are failure to your parents, the way you speaking, you are a disgrace to your ancestors.

Your hostility is bringing us nowhere, except forcing me to be hostile in return, so don't blame me.
Me trying to put 1-2 jokes before into our little debate to ease the mood only gave you fuel to lash out at me like a stupid teen.
Sumimasen? You are offended by that? How many words from other languages are you using that are not English? Ciao, Bueno, people might get offended at that.
   Have you seen Gigguk, a youtuber, one of the jokes was the usage of Japanese Weeaboo words in English (think it was the Train Wars parody) Probably you haven't seen it, explaining you not getting the joke.
You don't know who Khorne is? You don't know Warhammer 40.000? Don't shit me, you know the meme Khorne-flakes for the blood god. You can't even take a joke.
  So what I should feel hurt and salty? I am laughing here at your stupidity. I though you were more mature, rather than an angsty teen who thinks he has figured out the world.
Wait that is it. You are a goddamn teen. Even if you are over 16, you are still a teen & failure inside. You are the problem with this world.

From your very first comment: "If Naruto was a good father. Amazing drawing!" people sensed your hostility and DragonNinja115 tried to talk to you.
But I'm not as soft and forgiving as him, you wanted a debate, I gave it to you. My points were backed with facts and knowledge, while yours were purely emotional and failed in all senses.
You were completely wrong about everything you said.
You couldn't just sit there and look at the beautiful picture angelcake12 did. At the attention to detail, at how real it looked as if the author of Naruto himself drew it.
You couldn't just enjoy, you had to add your salt in this cake. You had to make it political with me. You just had to.
Do you realize that you are miserable?
There is no fun talking to a miserable, hostile, narrow-minded, angsty teenager, there simply is nothing people can gain from talking to you.
The only thing you can achieve is twist peoples perception of reality, make them love Naruto less and lower them to your miserable level.
you are a vampire parasite.
There is no point continuing this discussion with you.
say what you want, I'm out.
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DragonNinja115 Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2016
ok lets go to the time before naruto became a hokage , when boruto was only 8 , I am sure that naruto used to be a good father back then , and I believe that that is the reason why boruto misses him and wanting to be acknowledged by him , if else he would be so glad that he is absent , I mean if you got to have a bad father  you will want him absent
FeuerKnight Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2016
He's a bad father since he has 100000 copies of himself and he can't stay back to train his son or be with his daughter.
Yes, it seems that when Naruto was not a hokage yet he did not ignore his kids, good for him, now he does, also, he does not tell them anything, not his own story, not his own struggles, and expects them to learn all he learned without his guidance.
DragonNinja115 Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2016
actually he sends clones to spend times with his family , but it is not enough for boruto , and don't forget that he is a bad teacher , have you forgot how did he teach Konahamaru in shippuden episode 422 (I know it is a filler but I bet that exactly what happened ), that's why we have sasuke to do the job
FeuerKnight Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2016
He sends clones, with clones he can't train his kids because they are easily dispatched of (also, why doesn't he leave the clones doing paperwork and goes himself to train his kids and be with his family?). And that does not remove the fact that Boruto has not been trained in higher ninja skills, the rasengan had to be taught by Konohamaru... wth, shouldn't his father have tried to teach it to him before? Knowing that the chunnin exams are coming, shouldn't he have taken his son to learn his signature moves?

And yes, I remember that episode, but this here is his son, a son that is literally begging for his father to train him. And Naruto's response is to ignore him. In the same speech in front of Naruto, Boruto says "You don't even watch me train...", and in another moment "then I don't need the stupid training.", the brat has given up in training because for the level he has (genin), what he has is enough, he has no will to further his training since his father won't give a fuck about what he does or stops  doing.

Sasuke had to give the boy a purpose in order for him to recover that will to train, (also, he managed to get it done without his clones for support and managing to do so in less than a week, the brat IS talented and is willing to train). Now, let's imagine, what if the village had not been attacked? I can easily see a Boruto not taking any training, being expelled from the ninja due to his cheating (also, let's remember that Naruto had tried to cheat at least 4 times in different exams, and was stopped for comical accidental reasons) and having no path to walk on.

And while I agree about the brat being an idiot for cheating, well, I do understand him at the same time, the only attention that Naruto gave him in years was due to the fact that he had won something, not to mention that the boy has, in fact, little confidence. He's the opposite to his father, who was over confident and loud in order to hide that he got scared at times. He's less loud, described as a very serious kid who rarely smiles and has no confidence in his own power (we see that every time he's about to use his own techniques, thinks on how his father is only caring about him because he's showing him victories, and prefers to use the ninja-tool). He does not train, but because he has no reason to, he's as good as he can be in his level and good enough to do F-E-D missions, and since no one really cares well, what's the point of becoming a chuunin?
DragonNinja115 Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2016
see I agree with you he is a bad father , but he is not THAT bad , and you need to understand that he just can't send clones to do the Hokage's job , it is a disrespect to the Hokage's position , and people will surely doubt that he is the right person for the job and many people like Danzo will show up
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its beautifulla in love la in love la in love 
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love this!
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Who doesn't love this's  AMAZINGClap :happybounce: 
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fckin love it
arminaNT Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2016
Ooommmggg(💗_💗)sooooooo beautiful I want to cry for this I love it sooooo much (T_T) it's one of my favorites 💞
Thank you very very much T_T
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Holy crap you're good 0.0
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that's so cute! <3 ,,>__<,,
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You've killed me with cuteness. Please accept this award!
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this one's just too adorable!!! i hope we can see more moments between naruto and his children in your artwork :)
angelcake12 Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2016
Thank you. 
You will :>
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Meu que coisa linda! Luv NaruHina Family!
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Are they holding hands ? Damn the Feels!!!
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Nice and sweet Love 
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very sweet drawingLove
i love it, it shows the joy of having family,..
great workClap 
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cool what great pic of the family uzumaki is awesome and fantastic congratulations friend is one great work:D
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It's so friggin cute!
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